пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

Writing a thesis

Rules for writing abstracts

Distinguished delegates, the Human Rights Council. Thank you for what you have chosen our committee, and not remain indifferent to such an acute and vitally important issue of how racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

Writing a thesis is the first step in your preparation for the Moscow International Model UN 2011, as well as a prerequisite of your participation in it. In this connection I would like to ask you most seriously to this work and in writing services to comply with the following recommendations:
Abstracts - a summary of your vision of the problem. In this regard, they should not exceed 2-2,5 Page A: 4 printed text. The main goal - to compile a normative, scientific, journalistic material, reflecting the essence of the problem.Before you start to write the thesis, you must carefully read the submitted site expert reports and useful links to help you better understand the agenda.I would like to pay special attention that should not be copied to the abstract pieces of existing documents or articles, without attribution. First, copyright law must be respected. And secondly, all of your abstract will be checked for www.antiplagiat.ruThe form of writing abstracts is free, ie they can be written in the form of essays, and through the transfer of items, with some opening.Due to the fact that the theses are written before the delegate will know which country he will represent, abstracts should be written without reference to any particular country or region. However, specific examples to support your point of view are welcome. You to pay particular attention to the question posed in the conclusion of the expert's report, as they can push you to find solutions to put before the UN goals.It is desirable to define racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. No need to write a lot on the history issue. Focus on the present situation. Show, in which countries the problem is most acute and what is the reason.Abstracts must include not only the summary of the information known to the delegates on the agenda, but specific proposals to solve the problem (show your creativity!), As well as the existing differences between countries. The presentation of the thesis should be systematic and consistent.